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22nd-Jan-2012 05:31 am - LIST OF STUDENTS + EXTERNAL LINKS
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former/graduates )

(from Wikipedia and lj's external links post. Didn't include everything. Also am not sure about the year others graduated, so please tell me if you know!)


There you go! I'll add links to the others later. Meanwhile, you can help me improve this post by leaving comments + info! Thanks everyone!

(D classes lists from HERE, and HERE)
22nd-Jan-2012 05:07 am - [TAGS]
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Here is the list of tags used in the comm:

taglist )

AND just like in LJ, we'll also have our individual student tags in Dreamwidth:

individual student tags )

+ If anybody's wondering why Nishiuchi Mariya and Sakamoto Shogo still have their tags, it's because they were once students in Horikoshi too. Therefore, if an entry about a student like Ayukawa Taiyou or whoever else from the list of current/former/graduated Horikoshi students need their own tags, please don't hesitate to request one by leaving a comment on this entry!
22nd-Jan-2012 04:34 am - [RULES]
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Copy-pasta-modified from [livejournal.com profile] horikoshi because your mod couldn't have said them better:

rules )


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Keep checking the MOD POST tag for updates on the rules.
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