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Copy-pasta-modified from [ profile] horikoshi because your mod couldn't have said them better:

Be a coolcat. Chillax. Respect others. Making fun of your fellow members or their favorite idols is a total nish-nish!

★ This is in the rules, but seriously, don't change your font color/sizes. That is obnoxious. Obnoxiousness is not welcomed ): I don't care if your post is a detailed discussion of Kawashima Umika and Nakajima Yuto's alien sightings or Yamada and Suzuka's ~unrequited love~ or Arioka Daiki's favorite bento. I don't want the com spattered with size 25 comic san fonts and rainbow fic summaries.

★ Cuts are nice! The rule of thumb is, if it's big enough to stretch out the com layout, cut it!

Have fun! We are all intelligent (oh god, I hope) people here. We can take a joke or two. This can be aided with visuals such as macros. We like macros. However, if you feel the need to bash other com members, do it in the privacy of your own journal, please! I shall delete post because I like to abuse my power and clicky buttons. Intermingling is welcomed. We love Horikoshi fics. We love members making friends. We do not not love close mindedness and angry "eww uumika 1s n0t pretty enough for yuto mine mine mine!" or n00bish behavior. CHINEN DOES NOT APPROVE. Now, where is my chinen icon? …. Yes.

★ Please, no intro posts. Feel free to introduce yourself, but with some content to your post as well.

NO ADVERTISEMENT TO OUTSIDE COMS/FORUMS/ETC. This also means no fanfic banners.

★ Also, if your content looks like it belongs more on a HSJ com instead, don't post it. We don't need need primary JUMP fanwork. The keyword here is inter-mingling of horikoshi students.

★ I will delete inappropriate/rule breaking post! Don't try me! I am a n00b nazi and a lj facist, because I hear Yamada finds them sexy.

- Chiharu, [ profile] horikoshi's founder, 2009.



☆ Affiliates will only be accepted if they are relevant to HORIKOSHI. Again, this is not a Hey! Say! JUMP community or whatever else that you can use as a substitute.

☆ The same goes for fanfictions. Let's try to avoid the strikethrough posts. If you're posting multiple fics in one entry and think that a Chinen/Kanon fic isn't exactly horikoshi!verse or horikoshi-related in the least or whatever, then just don't include them.

☆ I will delete inappropriate/rule-breaking posts without prior warning UNLESS I am in a good mood. Which I usually am. THIS IS IN THE RULES SO DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF YOUR ENTRY MAGICALLY VANISHES BEFORE YOUR EYES WHILE SOME GET CALLED OFF. (2012)

☆ Not sure how much people are willing to share but LOCK ALL POSTS THAT WILL INCLUDE DOWNLOAD LINKS TO VIDEOS/MAGAZINE SCANS/AUDIO/ETC. Of course these things will have to be relevant to Horikoshi students. (2012)

- added by [personal profile] boukenrider, 2011.

Keep checking the MOD POST tag for updates on the rules.